First Snowfall of the Big Winter

Orcas Island was stunned by its first snowfall of the year.

Over three feet of pretty white snow fell on Orcas Island last night, catching residents and weather forecasters by surprise.

A cold front coming south from Canada and a wet front coming north collided over Orcas Island.  The result was some wonderful photo opportunities, and total chaos on the roads.  Plows could not keep up with the rapidly falling snow.  Chains or other traction devices are now mandatory on all roads.

Erik Webster, superintendent of District Schools, said all bus runs are currently on hold.  Students will be housed and fed at school until further notice.  All teachers are required to stay in their classrooms.  Due to a lack of emergency blankets and/or sleeping bags, students are encouraged to huddle, separated by gender.  School prayer will be tolerated if not too loud.

Anyone with sled dogs and sleds are encouraged to contact the School District, 666-6789.

“This is just the beginning of a very long, cold winter,” said Wilber Fontane, weather spokesperson for NOAA. “We sincerely, hope everyone is prepared with extra food, candles and board games.

OPALCOO spokesperson Amy Smith, said that so far the power grid is holding up, thanks to most powerlines being underground.  Crews are standing by if needed, although a bulldozer may be needed to get out of the parking lot.


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