Solstice Parade, Orcas Island, 6/19 Photo by Steve Albaucq



Summer of ’19: Reconnected with Al and the new and Dustbunnies, although that might not be the name.  We’re also known as the Bicycle Norse Brigade for no apparent reason.  Next gig at the marina for the 4th on the 3rd.  Alisha may join Al, the Randies and me for a sound-side frolic.

I also had the pleasure of jamming a bit with Skye and the Frequent Flyers.  What a wonderful experience in experimental electronica.  Pat is a superbly creative guitarist, and Skye picked up on my synthesizers.  I look forward to jamming again with them on my MIDI controller.  What fun


On 3/29/13 it was my extreme pleasure to play a selection with the Pojama People in Bellingham , WA.  That band is SO TIGHT.  Featuring the famous Ike Willis, the Pojama People play Zappa music superbly.  Frank would be so proud!  I was quite nervous, having never rehearsed with the band, but we all know Frank’s music, so taking a deep breath, I honked out a solo on Bamboozled by Love.  Despite not being as well versed with the tune as the band, the performance seemed to work out.  Geez, what an honor.  If you ever get a chance to see Ike Willis or the Pojama People, do it.

Before the show, Ike lost the band who went off to dinner somewhere.  It was my pleasure and honor to step in and ask him to join me and my date for dinner.  My date, Maryse, was a superb conversationalist, and got Ike to go on and on about his life and history.  It was fascinating.  What a treasure he is (and she is, too).


Meanwhile, the Orcas Horns are rehearsing intensely for our show in October at the Orcas Center.  The goal is to play all originals, and thanks to the amazing compositions of Gene, Martin and Steve, this is going to be a wonderful show.  I labor over a single contribution…

More to come.



Just Crossing the Street…….




A wonderful pair of evenings was enjoyed joining in with the Atlantics as part of their horn section, “Saxquatch”.  Five saxes on top of a tight soul band who’ve been rocking Bellingham, WA for more than a couple decades, was an awesome wall of funky dance music. Four of the saxes have been together that long; I, however, had one rehearsal and did the best as possible. (Must remember to make note of the key signature before starting a tune….)  Nevertheless, it was a powerful, fun sound that the holiday crowd loved.  Lots of local Boomers in the audience, dancing like in the 60’s, and still looking fit and happy.  (see longevity secret described on Insight page).

Thanks especially to the amazing Mark Kelly for inviting me.  He is such a superb saxophone player, patient mentor, and dear friend.  And thanks again to Julie, for your presence at the gig and for the holiday gift.  Your soap and lotion bar are superbly functional works of art.




Bumped into Al.  Perhaps some future Dustbunnies Gig is in the making…




Third printing of

Spontaneous Generation III

my synth compositions, is now available.  $10 each with free shipping. 

Contact me if interested.


(A Sincere Thanks to Papa Fox, for producing this album. For more info on Papa Fox check out .)



Dec. 1, 2012: Rosario Resort for the Yacht Club.

Private Dance

(Sorry public…you have to get a yacht and join the club.)


Honored guest players may attend.


We are ready to funk the place up.


(postscript: we did: for more info go to




Oct. 6th Gig was intensely good.

Wow. Jon Goforth is a sax-wizard extraordinaire. His solos were astounding and his ability to sit-in and fit-in is amazing.

Thanks Steve for making this gig happen, and for your Zen-like Leadership. I am totally honored and humbled to have played along with Dimitri, Gene, Martin, Tony, Bruce, Craig and Special Guest Jon Goforth.  Orcas Center is such a superb venue, and thank you to the sold-out crowd who seemed to love the performance.

Be sure to check out the link to that site:



It was my honor to play along with the Dustbunnies at the Wake for April the Cow, retired mayor of Eastsound, who moooooved on in late September of ’12.



Summer of 2012 was again a great time with Orcas Horns.  We rocked the stage in the park in Eastsound on the Fourth of July, and then had a wonderful wedding party in August, and a retirement dance in September.  Currently we’re gearing up for the big show in October!



New Year’s Eve with the Dustbunnies was a total hoot. 

What a fun JamBand!




October 9th at Orcas Center rocked!  Stride Piano was awesome.



Last summer we also played on the final night of the San Juan County Fair in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  Seven PM, main stage, 8/20/11. The barnyards were a-rockin’.





My most recent CD is done!  Ta Da.

sgcover2I took the cover photo at the Fourth of July celebration at Eastsound last summer.

The music is a tasteful collection of synthesizer based original tunes.  I call them musical mantras.  Feedback from early listeners has been positive, calling it excellent background music for the modern age.

Here is the back cover with the tune names:


Again the photo came from the local fireworks show.

While I’d love to give these away to all friends and family (and anyone else interested….) I am limited somewhat by the cost of production.  I will however be glad to mail anyone a copy for only $8 (which includes shipping).



Currently the Orcas Horns are rehearsing for several upcoming gigs.  The band is simply Hot.  The Amazing Willie Thomas is doing some arranging for us.  Wow, what a great player he is… truly a living legend.

Our highly talented drummer, a retired pro who is enjoying the remoteness of island life, is the life-pulse and humor specialist of the band.  ‘Tis a pleasure to play with such amazing musicians.



For photos, video and sound clips visit:



Here was our cool ticket to a previous gig.




the sonsThis was a delightfully fun performance group which lasted from 2002 until 2005.  We played an eclectic mix of jazz, rock, alternative and funk.  From left to right are Al Bently on tenor sax, Yours Truly on baritone sax, Mike Miller on percussion, and Madrone Kubovcik on alto sax.  Sadly, Madrone has moved to the midwest….




I also take on students, both adult and adolescent, from time to time both in person and/or on line….. contact me for more information.  My goal as a music instructor is to teach both music reading skills and also improvisation skills to help fellow musicians along their musical path. Check out for more information.


Another musical outlet is my accompaniment of the amazing and enlightening Dustin Fox.  Check out his web site at for more information on him and his insightful art.


And here’s some fun…. go to the following Youtube site and see Dustin and the Clusterphobics at the Apple Harvest Party last fall, featuring Al Bentley on tenor sax and yours truly on the baritone.


CDs and DVDs for sale

The following DVDs and CDs are for sale for just $12 each, which includes free shipping within the US.  International orders please contact me for specific shipping costs.

Spontaneous Generation Vol II and III: CD, synthesizer jazz/rock/trance/chill, all original music from my pile of electronics

Sax Religious: CD: live performance of my local sax trio recorded at a summer concert in an old church

The Sons: CD: soon to be released live performances by my creatively chaotic sax trio plus drummer, which I guess makes us a quartet.

Dustin Fox and Friends, Live at Doe Bay Farm: CD: a live recording by Papa Fox at a local hippie party, including some jump-jiving sets or full of reggae jams and Dustin’s insightful lyrics.


For more information about the amazing Dustin Fox: go to .

DVDs are also available of several performances of the Sons and with Dustin.  Contact me for more information.



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