Big Mac is Coming to Town!

Here Comes the Big Mac!

Yes, McDonald’s is finally coming to the Islands. San Juan, Lopez and Orcas Islands will all soon be seeing those Golden Arches.

“We’ll keep the arches subtle”, says Wilber Inyurface Chief Executive for McDonald Corporation, PNW Division.

“Local restaurants are charging an average of $12 for a simple lunch. A burger and fries, or a rewarmed sandwich with a bag of chips, and a beverage can easily cost even more.”

A drive-thru is planned with minimal inside dining tables. Prices will start at $2 for a burger with condiment of your choice. Fries are $1. No beverages at this time, but the nearby convenience store has a wide variety of beverage choices.

“We’re not happy,” said Tony Garboni, leader of the Local Restaurant Association. “We’ve been overcharging for food for so long that it is in reality a part of our Island Way of Life. Folks expect to pay $100 or more to take the family out to dinner. If we have to compete with reasonably priced burgers, fries and who knows what else, how will we make our boat and airplane payments? I have kids in college. Do you have any idea how expensive colleges are these days?”

As for consumers, “It would be so nice to just pick up a bag of burgers and fries on the way home from work. The kids always love them and it gives us parents a break for just a bit.”said Betsy Bubblestein. “And we know they only use the best quality ingredients, too.   All food served on Orcas Island will be 100% Organic and non GMO. We’ll also be using local farm products whenever possible.”

Local teens are enthused because there will be new job opportunities, with the possibility of advancement within the McDonald Family of Employees.   Now there will be a chance to stay on-island rather than feel pressure to leave and go to an expensive college, earn a degree and end up working in the fast-food industry somewhere else anyway.

So keep an eye out for those new Golden Arches, coming to an Eastsound corner in town soon.

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