Spontaneous Musing

Gear includes Korg Extreme 88, Korg N5EX, Oberheim Cyclone, TR-505, and a King Super-20 Baritone Sax; all mixed and recorded on a Presonus AR16. Hee Hee.

Creative bouts in the studio yield these tunes.

Several synths and I make nightly offerings to the gods of Muse. Sometimes I control the synths, sometimes they control me. Hope you enjoy hearing these musings as much as I enjoy making them.

In KC’s Court

The King in his Crimson attire.
From the Dark Ages of the 60’s, a favorite
tune is revisited.

All Must Fall

The Harder They Fall, One and All
One way or another, George Harrison will still be right that This Too, Shall Pass. One and All.

Fly By

Heard Late Last Night……

Of course they’ve always been here. Of course they watch us. They find us amusing, and look forward to taking over this fine planet when we’re done with it. They’re patient. They have time……


Just Chill, Folks.

Sit Back Relax….

Sangfroid. Cold Blood. Chill. This, too, will pass. Breathe. Let the Moog make the stress lines fade from your forehead. Just let it go. You’ll feel better soon.

Baritone Sax Demo

What a Solo!
Special demo for Reverb Sale

Yes, I sold one of my bari saxes. This old photo helped. The band at the time was superb…called the Orcas Horns. I’ll contact the leader and see if I can’t post a tune or two. We Rocked!

The Pass

The lone scout looks ahead, signals the other to follow…..

Must get over the pass. Very cold. Enemies everywhere. Must keep moving. Our spirits are good. We must get over the pass.

Learning to Fly

Be Brave

Also learning new skills on the AR16…..

My dear friend Jammie Lile is truly helping me master the AR16 software. So amazing. In this tune, listen for changes in pan as well as volume. Very chill.

In My Opinion

Another voice in the wilderness.
Lyrics are difficult, but the title can be insinuated several times in this tune. There are so many opinions floating around out there, that I might as well add mine. For what it is worth….


Serenity within turbulence.

One interesting term is sangfroid. Staying calm and cool while others lose control in the chaos. Cold blood, perhaps. Alligator tears? Just gliding calmly in the drift.

Morning Meditations

Feel the Flow

This tune was massaged quite a bit, thanks to insight form my old friend and mentor Jammie Lile. What a blessing. He continues to teach me how to maximize4 the Presonus software. Thank you.

Fairy Princess

They’re in the Forest

Yes, I am married to one. Someday she’ll permit me to use her real photo…..

One of Those Nights

Not Enough Space

So much energy, focus on that Higher Power…Oh Geez, one of THOSE Nights!

I Just Can’t Wake Up

The fog, can’t wake up
Relentless heartbeat, but just can’t wake up.

Not quite awake, not quite asleep, the fog, the heartbeat, relentless, just can’t wake up. Gotta get up, gotta get more sleep. Relentless. The fog. Just can’t wake up.

Funky, Too

The Big Woof

Despite my Caucasian Pursuasion, I do try to get funky now and then. This is the The Now. Incorporating both Korgs the TR 505, and the Moog. Crank it. Listen for the Big Woofer.

Morning Moog

Wake Up

A virtual Moog has been added to the ULC MIDI Family. Long awaited, it does not disappoint. The learning curve is steep, and I know I’ll never be Keith E. or Rache F. but it sure is a delight to fire up this beast on an early spring morning.

Cat Nap


Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff. Nap Time. Nap Tune. Neptune.


A Clearing in the Fog

Data flows seemingly random patterns, then a voice defines some clarity.

I’m Really Sorry


The neck strap broke and the 1918 sax hit the floor….I’m really sorry.

Ever Been There?

No description needed. Just a simple song with a simple message. It will get fixed.



Just relaxing with a guitar lead and some birds.

23 Degrees Out


Bitter cold in Mid-January inspired this tune. Poor birds….

Just a Shuffle

Photo by Steve Albaucq

These Korgs are amazing. That cute little bass player lives inside the big one. Who knows where that tight horn section stays at night…..

Delivery Drone

It is just a matter of time. Hope they’re quiet or at least peaceful and not wanting a tip.

Here they come, benign, right?

Happy Birthday to Me

Aging more or less gracefully, eh?
Wait for it.

16, 18, 21, 65, all the significant years, right? Driving, Voting, Drinking, Medicare. It all is starting to make sense.

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