Great Northern Wall Continues

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

As reported, the northern wall’s transparancy is bening challenged by the Trump administration. The chainsaws have been started up

and the line across and the across the 50th parallel continues to be established. No one has challenged the new northern line, infact, few have noticed except residents of southern Canada who have noticed that they are now part of the United States. All new United State citizens who have Canadian Health Care Cards are now, as the Prime Minister noted, “SOL’. Not sure what the Canadian tanslation is.

“This plan is going to now only secure our nortern border, but also stimulate the economy”, noted famous president Donald Trump. By cleanrcutting a 200 yard swath along the entire border, an extimated 500 billion board feet of lumber will become available. Market prices hav e plummeted as demand far exceeds supply. The rich get richer, and the rest of us get reduced paper prices.

Guard towers are planned every mile and drones will patrol the new border now that the trees are being cleared. Many drones are armed so that mistakes of humanarianism made on the southern border won’t be made again.

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