Poisonous Air Bags

So where does the air inside those packing bags come from?

Well, most of the goods seem to come from China, so the air in the packing bags must also come from China, or wherever else the packing bags are made. Then we bring them home and after opening our package, pop them, releasing the foreign air into our local environment.

Is this why the Corona virus is cropping up in unsuspecting areas? Unexplained cases are now explainable. Air, contaminated with perhaps not only foreign viruses, but also foreign pollution and perhaps radioactive waste,, is being shipped here and then released inside our homes. Where us the public concern?

The solution may involve buying less stuff from foreign sources. Not likely. Perhaps asking manufacturers to start using better packing materials, such as paper products. Or there may be a more direct solution.

Ship the bags back to Amazon. Wait until you have a big bundle of them, then ship them back to Amazon where they can be reused. Just over pack any return items with your stash of packing pillows and problem is solved, although not really. We’re still producing tons of plastic just for packing pillows.

So we need paper packing materials! In a world full of messed up stuff, this item can be replaced with a non-toxic, job stimulating product.

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