Nuke from North Korea Destroyed on Way to L.A.

A nuclear missile was destroyed today over a bare stretch of the Pacific Ocean, according to a spokesperson in the U.S. Navy Intelligence Department.

“Not a super-big-deal,” said president Trump from a Washington D.C. area golf course. “It wasn’t a very big nuclear missile and were not even sure if if  would have worked.  North Korea doesn’t have a very good record of launching missiles.”

According to Mary Whie-Wilcox, spokesperson for Homeland security, most of L.A. would have survived the blast any way.

The missile was destroyed by an anti-missile-missile fired from a destroyer in the Pacific fleet,  Althout the name of the exact destroyer was not announced.  The USS Delano is known to be in the South Pacific area.

No official word has been released by North Korea, although U.S. tracking source said that the misslle definately originated fro North Korea.

It was launched on April 31st  and destroyed about 23 minutes later by the anti-anti-missle misslen (AAMM).

The AAMM aimer was driven by two 15 year 0lds in Sandusky, Ohio.  They have been working for the U.S. Navy for about 7 months.  Veterans of the Navy’s Yount Techies (N.Y.T.). “Yep, we saved L.A.”. said young Trevoe R. “We didn’t have to, really, the fall-out predictions kept us out of the danger zone for sure.”

“But we saved it anyway, not only for the people who would have been killed by the blast and resulting radioactive fallout, but also because the Navy wanted to make sure that all out systems worked.” said Trevor’s assistant, fellow N.Y.T. veteran Zach “the Hack” W. “Everything worked fine. Flawless. Simply flawless.”

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