Bears Sighted in San Juan Islands

Yes its true, several species of bears have been sighted in the San Juan area.  Many prominent scholars, scientists have been called, including contacting the now retired Yogi.

Some claim that this influx of bears is somehow related to global warming, others claim it a natural expansion of territory due to rapid human development on the mainland, while others hypothesize that the bears just want a change of scenery.

Yogi thinks that an influx of picnic baskets are to  blame.

Whatever the reason bears have moved in.

Brown bears have frequented lowland forests, grizzly bears have been see strolling in the higher country, and most surprising is the sighting of several polar bears scouring the coastal areas.

Local residents are not very pleased.  Most seem frightened or at least annoyed.  Bill Auldheimer, local resident of Orcas Island, said they get along just fine for years with no bears, and we don’t want them now.

So far there has been not reported damage except for a destroyed bee-hive on Lopez Island, a few missing pets, and several stolen picnic baskets.

Anyone seeing a bear of any species should call 1-888-SEE BEAR.


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