Orcas Deer Now Listed As An Endangered Species

In a rare move, President Trump added a new species to the endangered species list:  The Orcas Deer.  As an endangered species, the Orcas Deer are now protected from hunting and their habitat may not be disturbed.  All fawns are to be given at least a 300 foot buffer to avoid  traumatizing them.

Home owners are shocked by the announcement. Many fences will have to be torn down and many gardens sacrificed to not only protect the Orcas Deer populations, but also to enhance and improve their overall habitat.

William Putinski, regional director of the National Wildlife Agency (NWA), said that the population of Orcas Deer can easily double or triple in the next few years if proper management policies are set in place.

There will be a $1,000 fine for killing a deer with a gun, bow and arrow, scissors, or any other implement. Poisoning Orcas Deer is also illegal punishable with a $2,000 fine and a year in prison.  Hitting an Orcas Deer with a can truck or other vehicle will result in confiscation  of the vehicle, loss of driver’s license, 90 days in jail and a firm spanking.

Orcas Deer were once thought to be a population of Black-tailed or Mule Deer, but recent studies have shown that years of inbreeding has resulted in a distinct new species, named Odocoileus orcasii.   Its unique fur coloration with patches of white on the flanks or sometimes other places on the deer fur.  It also has an extra set of teeth for chewing apples and home-grown vegetables.  Unencumbered by those pesky garden fences, the deer will have plenty of food.  Bird feeders and compost piles will further enhance the Orcas Deer diet.

School-aged children are organizing a Ride-A-Deer program to better utilize this new resource.  Jill McAlvie, the program supervisor anticipates a good working relationship with both the public and the NWA.  Moran State Park will host trail rides next spring.

Aren’t we lucky to share our lovely island with this newly designated endangered species?

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